19 August 2013

Catshy Crafts has a New Website!

I am happy to announce that Catshy Crafts has its very own website! It's been a long time coming. Something I've wanted for a while, but didn't take action on until a few weeks ago. Yes, in the midst of my last giveaway and preparing for my summer vacation and finishing a big custom order, I decided to create a website! Wanna peek? Head on over to CatshyCrafts.com!

What's New?

The new site has everything you need to know about Catshy Crafts - from links to my Shop, my Blog, how to start a Custom Order, how to Subscribe to my mailing list, my Press mentions and more.

It will be my place to share photos of all my creations in one spot. It be another creative outlet for me, where I can design and play. As you may know, I used to LOVE digital scrapbooking and still love Photoshop, so taking a stab at web design has been a fun experience! I'm learning Wordpress as I go. (Wordpress.com - not to be confused with Wordpress.org - is what I used to build my website).

Simple and Pretty

So far I'm keeping it pretty simple, not straying to far from the Wordpress theme, but I did design a new logo! What do you think? You can also see my little favicon on your tabs. It matches the one from my blog, but is now a rosy color.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about my new site (from how I set it up to a specific question about a hoop or wreath you see in a photo), leave me a comment and I'll answer it for you. If it's something I can't answer is a few sentences, I may even write a blog post about it!

Share your site!

And if *you* just created a new website for yourself, I'd love to see it! Post a link so everyone can see!

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Bev Feldman said...

Your site looks so beautiful, Cathy! I'm working toward switching over to Wordpress as well, and I have to say looking at your site is very inspiring and giving me lots of ideas!

Cathy Pascual said...

Thanks Bev! So far Wordpress has been very good. Plus there's a Plug-in for almost everything to make the site more functional. Good luck on the switch!

Wava Huls said...

Your website is very heartwarming! It helps that you enjoy and have the skills in web design; which is clearly shown on how captivating the output is. Good job, Cathy!

-Wava Huls @ HFIWebDesign

Lynda Frank said...

I soo love your new website, Cathy! It makes feel like I was viewing a virtual scrapbook; which defines what you have in store.

Glenn @IndianapolisSEOFirm.com

Andrew Weiers said...

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Ken Hammond said...

You absolutely did an amazing job! Your website design reflects how creative you are. This is the kind of website people would usually want to visit. The simplicity of the website makes it user-friendly, easy to navigate.

Ken @NHStrategicMarketing.com

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Caroline Robaglia said...

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