25 July 2011

in the craft lab*: embroidery hoop

*I like the idea of calling my creative space a craft lab.

As I begin creating items to put in my Etsy shop, it is definitely a process of experimentation. trial and error. seeing what works. of course, it's fun to be creative and try new things with different media and materials.

anyway, i wanted to share my latest experiment with you. and a little back story on how it came to be.

I've seen people do pretty things with embroidery hoops. like this. and this. I love its simple circle shape and simple wooden construction and how it makes a lovely frame for anything you want to put inside. It's so retro too. Not just 50s housewives retro, but Sense and Sensibility retro.

So several months ago, I picked up 3 different sizes of wooden hoops at Joanns. Not having a specific purpose at the time. Just because it was something I might use in the future. And like many of my crafty supplies (my Silhouette, felting needle, and embossing powders come to mind), I let it gather dust.  Clutter up my scraproom.....er....craft lab.... for weeks and weeks.

But as I have been putting together items for my shop, I have re-visited several of my once-forgotten supplies. From the embroidery hoops to craft felt, and more. Which brings me to my latest creation.

To me this piece is a good representation of catshy crafts will be. You can see several of the techniques and materials I like to use: hand stitching, cute typography (i love typewriter fonts), paper garlands, craft felt, pretty buttons, baker's twine, clean lines, a bit of glitter, neutral colors with a pop of rich color. All neatly framed in that perfect wooden circle.

Please click on image for larger view.

I admit this piece is for me (rather than to sell). I imagine it hanging in my booth (if I am ever lucky enough to show my crafts at a crafty venue like here or here). Or simply in my craft lab. (Is that name sticking yet?)

But it is really open to different iterations. For my daughters' room, I could replace catshy with their names. Or a welcome sign for the front door. Or any room of the house.

I am experimenting with how to photograph my items. Here I used a picture easel (from Joanns) and placed it on my patio table outside. In the first photo, I used a home-made lightbox (made out of a cardboard box, white easel paper and white tissue paper.) And please excuse the dangling thread. Gotta trim that!

It's my spin on the embroidery hoop.
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