30 November 2011

heartfelt decor + 25% holiday sale!

Rachel Anne at Papernstitch blog posted a lovely write-up about Catshy Crafts yesterday! I was tickled to receive her e-mail telling me about it, because I was feeling under the weather and exhausted all-day. It was my daughter's 7th birthday party on Sunday, so I was recovering from all the party prep and the party itself. So this news perked me up a bit.

I really like how she described my work as "heartfelt decor". It's a bit of a play on words because I work with felt. So I changed my title description on Etsy to incorporate the little catchphrase. Hope she doesn't mind!

If you missed it you can read the whole blog post here. And I would love if you would leave a comment at the Papernstitch blog!
Branch by Nancy Kubo.

Now that Thanksgiving and my daughter's big birthday bash (will post more about that later) is behind me, I can focus on Christmas! Decorations, holiday shopping, gift-wrapping. I have the girls' presents and stocking stuffers pretty much under control, but haven't done much else. But I did decide on my gift wrapping strategy thanks to Allison at Little Lovelies. I already picked up the brown wrap at Target yesterday.

Source: Little Lovelies

Brown/kraft paper with a bit of color is just my style. Not to mention pom-poms. Since buying these this summer, I've been making pom-poms a lot lately.

So to get in the holiday spirit, I am having a 25% sale until December 15. Just enter "holiday25" when you check out.
Now go shopping! :)

By the way, Rachel Anne has her own Etsy shop! Go check it out!
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RiNNE said...

I just bought something! :). Love it!!

scrapcat said...

Thanks so much Corinne! I'm off to the store to pick up supplies!

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