29 January 2012

a little tour of my blog

You may have noticed that I've been changing the look of my blog lately. I was thinking that my former header was taking up way too much space.

Now it may be a little too small. Oh well, it's process, right? I fixed it, by getting some tips here. (read the 4th comment on the post). I used the similar design to my new Etsy shop banner that you can see at the bottom of this blog. I also removed most of the digi embellishments and left the background as a kraft paper (which is one of my favorite materials). The sidebar has been simplified too. Now to subscribe to my newsletter, you click on the first image with my photo. And to get to my shop, click on the sidebar labeled shop.

I created a "collage" of many of the places I've been featured or published instead of having a long list of links. I also slimmed down my  labels and got rid of the archives. I still have my list of inspiring bloggers and designers which I hope to add too. So many creative people out there!

Another big change that I've been wanting to do for a while....I widened the center column so that my photos will be bigger. Now I have to figure out what the optimal size I should be saving my photos, because sometimes they are cut off and sometimes they are too small. I just figured it out (it's 620 pixels wide).

In case you're wondering how I did widened the center column, go here. If you use Blogger, this site is a great resource. You have to edit your HTML, but it's usually a matter of copying and pasting a few lines of code. But always save your previous HTML because you might end up changing something you have no idea what you did.

I hope the changes make the blog more readable and enjoyable for you! Thanks for stopping by today!

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Angie Hinksman said...

Love the new look - but I would love to see your banner a wee bit bigger (so everyone can see your awesome creations in all there glory!!!)


Cathy Pascual said...

Thanks Angie! I think I did it. The header is bigger and centered. Next thing I want to do is change the font on my blog post titles :)

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