06 April 2012

welcome spring

I've been wanting to make a new wreath for a while now. I love my original wreath - with its rich colors of charcoal grey, goldenrod, denim and fuchsia. And honestly I have been kinda reluctant to change it up. (why mess with a good thing?)  But with spring's arrival and summertime not that far behind, I wanted to experiment with a new color scheme. A lighter, happier, spring-in-your step colorway that would remind me of warm days and sunny weather.

For me, it is sometimes easier to create something for someone. So, last week, when I was thinking about visiting my Dad (who was about to have surgery at the time), I thought a new wreath would be the perfect thing to make for him! I had all the materials on hand: a styrofoam wreath, creamy white yarn and lots of felt to choose from. (I have been stocking up on felt for months now. One of my favorite suppliers is Giant Dwarf on Etsy.) So thumbing through my stash, I picked three pastel, spring-y shades: a canary yellow, a sea blue and a salmon pink.  For the flowers, I tried a new kind of rolled rose, one that had more movement and curved edges and added the loopy flowers (no fringed ones this time). 

So this is the wreath I made for my Dad - a get-well-soon, happy birthday, happy Easter, welcome-spring wreath all rolled in one! The original is now hanging in my Dad's house. But I can make one for you too! I listed it in the shop.  This wreath is measures 8.5 inches, but I think that's a versatile size for hanging in your home. On a little girl's bedroom door or over the bed. On the mantel. On the wall. I hope you like it!

And of course, I had to scrapbook about it. Everything seen in this layout is by Sahlin Studio. Thanks for stopping by!
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Kimber-Leigh said...

what a gorgeous wreath! (and i love that you scrapbooked it!)

Holly Knitlightly said...

I LOVE it!! The colours are so great & the new flower that you tried out is so pretty. Ahhh, I want one!! :) Adding to my wishlist! Haha.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Cathy!

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