18 June 2012

New in the Shop: Pink Leaves + Ombre Bunting

I've been working hard to bring new hoops to the shop!
I have two new ones to share with you today.

Lately, I've been ordering wool-blend felt from a fellow Etsy seller, Benzie Bazaar. It's wonderful when I can support other handmade artists. And I do love shopping at Etsy! So it's a win-win situation.

Renae's felts come in a delicious array of colors. I even picked up one of her color charts so I can hand-pick each felt. It's also a fun piece to have in my studio - all those felt circles neatly labeled make me happy.

{pink leaves on grey faux bois embroidery hoop art by catshy crafts}

For these latest addition to my shop, I went small. The faux-bois flex-hoop is a mere 2.5 inches in diameter and the wooden hoop is 3 inches. You can imagine how small those little bunting flags are!

The first hoop reminds me of a pile of leaves or flower petals. I used shades of pinks and mauves in these hand-cut, notched leaf shapes. Then I stitched them on a soft grey felt background with a light mauve-y cotton embroidery floss.

Check out that faux bois texture on the hoop.

Felt Buntings are a favorite motif of mine.
I have single rows of bunting with words like "fete" or "celebrate".
I have ones that are personalized with your name.
I have ones with multiple rows in different shades.

They conjure up festive, happy celebrations. They say "let's have a party!"
And the flags flutter a bit in the breeze. Love that.

1. pinks hoop 2. three pink hoop 3. fete hoop 4. {purple bunting hoop} 5.green/yellow/blue personalized hoop 6. celebrate hoop
7. yarn-wrapped personalized hoop 8. yarn-wrapped personalized hoop 9. blue/grey personalized.

My newest bunting hoop only measure 3.5 inches in diameter but it has 3 rows of mini flags, 14 flags in total in three shades of pinks + mauves + deep burgundy.

{pink ombre bunting embroidery hoop art by catshy crafts}

It's palm-sized!

Let me know what you think! Do love buntings as much as I do?

As always, thanks for stopping by today!

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She's Got Heart{s} said...

Oh i LOVE bunting! I have made so much paper bunting and have no where to hang it, but this is so cute and petite but gets the job done! Love it Cathy!

xx Isobelle

 She's Got Heart{s}a

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