10 July 2012

Urban Craft Uprising Recap (part 1)

Despite my reluctance to drive to Seattle, I had much motivation to cross the bridge last weekend. You see, Urban Craft Uprising was taking place - my most favorite craft show in all the land.

I'm getting better at navigating Seattle (sans GPS -ours got stolen a few years ago from my unlocked (oops) car in my own driveway!). The Mercer Street exit was closed, so I got a little lost on the way there, but we managed to find parking ($4 for 2 hours) a few blocks away from the Exhibition Hall where UCU was being held.

Note to self: As long as I avoid that hilly street on the way back to the 5 (I drive a stick and have a tendency to roll back and grind gears when I have to keep stopping on an incline), I am okay to drive in Seattle. It's better for my nerves and public safety if I bypass that street!

All photos by Cathy Pascual. 1. Sweet Coconut Bakery. 2. Sparrow & Sundry 3. Peace and the Poet 4. Carnivorous 5. Tiny Sparks Design 6. Mi Bazaar Latina 7.  MailChimp & Cupcake Royale 8. Business Cards from UCU

Anyhoo, I'd love to share my photos and finds of my visit! I am breaking it up into parts because I took so many photos and have lots to share. Okay, here goes!

My Crafty Companion

I brought along my 7-year-old daughter as my wingman. She loves crafts as well and if allowed, can spend a pretty penny on crafts. She is also adorable (especially since she wore her Cakespy-designed UCU shirt from a few years ago) and sometimes people give her things for free. Okay, a lot of times. This has happened at many a garage sale and craft fair, including UCU!

Sparrow and Sundry

In fact, at the very first booth we stopped at, Sofia got a free something-something. 

Sparrow & Sundry had a wonderful booth! My photos don't do it justice. There were fun resin charms and magnets that immediately drew Sofia in. Fabric lunch boxes. Blocks with colorful, vintage-y designs. Jewelry. I was surprised at the creative range of items in the different media. 

I spoke a little bit to Jen, the owner of Sparrow & Sundry and she was super-nice. I even gave her one of my new Moo/b-cards and I was shocked when she said she had already seen my shop on Etsy and asked why I wasn't at UCU myself! I was pretty amazed at that. So, that was a big encouragement for me. (As I mentioned before, it would be a dream come true to have a booth at UCU.). 

Anyway, Sofia found the cutest heart magnet from one of Jen's trays of goodies. And.....she got it for free.  (Freebie #1) Yup. Free-ninety-nine. Thanks again Jen!

Turns out I forgot to pick up a business card for her Etsy shop, but I snagged this one. Jen is also a graphic designer! Talented woman!

So needless to say, the fair was starting out on a great foot! I made a connection with someone new, I handed out my business card and even got encouragement for my own shop. 

Peace and the Poet

The next booth that caught our eye was Peace and the Poet. And not only because the rug they used in their booth was the exact one we have under our dining room table.

Fringe-y + bohemian necklaces and earrings, button and bowtie stud earrings, beautiful hand-printed notecards and even home decor pieces made from salvaged and vintage finds. The booth was artfully arranged more like a boutique or showroom than a craft fair. I didn't get to meet the artist, but it was an inspiring booth to visit.

Booth of Peace and The Poet @ UCU

Cupcake Royale & Mailchimp

Right after leaving this booth, we were offered some baby cupcakes courtesy of Cupcake Royale and MailChimp (Freebie #2). Both companies I love! As you may remember, I had an art show at the Bellevue location of CR. And, I use MailChimp to send out my Catshy newsletters. (BTW, if you want to subscribe to it, you can do so here.)

I love the hand-made pennants. Looks like they hand-illustrated it, made copies and hand-cut each one! Too cute.

Before we started eating our cupcakes, Sofia got Freebie #3. A hand-knit monkey hat from Mailchimp! I think we got one of the last ones....

Tiny Sparks Design

The next booth was Tiny Sparks Designs. Screen-printed illustrations on wood. Some were art pieces some were coat racks and key holders. So unique and I loved his designs. I would have like to stay a bit longer, but Sofia was a bit impatient. Even forgot to snag a business card. :(

You see, Sofia was more interested in the next booth.


This was a neat booth selling terrariums in apothecary jars and vintage glass. Sofia and I just made our own terrarium the other day so she was fascinated by these jars filled with venus fly traps and other "meat-eating" plants!  This booth reminded me of victorian sitting room with the lace tablecloths and apothecary jars. I couldn't find an Etsy shop for her, but she has an Etsy account here as Mary Danger.

Sweet Coconut Bakery

The next booth was the first sweet shop we visited. I had seen this shop on the UCU website, so I knew I wanted to check it out. Being Filipina myself, I always love to support my sisters! Sweet Coconut Bakery sells Filipino treats like the classic polverones which I ate as a kid and classic American sweets like homemade marshmallows.

We tried a few samples that Hazel, the owner, had generously laid out. She was working the booth with her own daughter, so it was neat to see mother and daughter working side by side. Maybe Sofia will work the booth with me one day? Sofia chose the coconut marshmallows to take home. How I regret picking up a bag of those chocolate ones as well! I definitely want to try making s'mores with the ones we bought. Coconut marshmallow s'mores? Could be the next big thing! (Maybe I'll use part of this recipe to make a non-bonfire variation on s'mores).

It was wonderful meeting Hazel and her daughter. I gave her a b card, so hopefully we can keep in touch!


Wow! This post is getting lengthy!
Rather than continue, I think I'll break up my recap into parts.
So please come back to see more pics from my UCU visit.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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ClaireTet said...

I could not agree more that UCU should be seeing your stall next time around. You are already world famous in our household! You know you want to!

Cathy Pascual said...

Awww... Thanks Claire!!!!
I just have to work up the courage! (And make more stuff).


Tami from GretelCreations said...

That looks like such a fun trip!! The post was so lovely to read and I enjoyed the photos <3

Cathy Pascual said...

Thanks Tami! It was a lot of fun -- especially with my daughter there with me!

Vano Painin said...

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