02 September 2012

Custom-Made: Ombre Aqua + Green Felt Flower Wreath

I love a good challenge.

So when one of my repeat customers sent me an image of this ombre ruffled shower curtain that she just bought and asked me to create a wreath inspired by it, I was definitely up for the challenge!

via Anthropologie

Picking materials

The first step was to choose the yarn color and felt colors. Luckily I've been amassing dozens of colors of wool-blend felt (Thank you Etsy!) so I already had the perfect colors in my felt stash. I sent the photo to my customer and she loved what I had hand-picked.

Making the felt flowers and leaves

My favorite part of the entire process is creating the felt flowers and leaves. I don't use a pattern or make any measurements, so every flower is unique. I make at least a few of each flower variety in a couple different sizes. And several double-layered leaves.

Assembling the wreath

The next step is to arrange the felt pieces on the wreath. In keeping with the ombre style, I decided to start with the fern green leaves then move to the lightest aqua, moving into the peacock and teal. If there are any "bald" spots I will make more flowers or leaves to fill it out.

I am really happy the way this wreath turned out! Thanks Anthea for working with me to create this custom wreath for you.

If you would like to order a custom wreath, I'd love to work with you! And if you love the wreath shown in this blog post, I can re-create it for you as well. Please send me a message through Etsy (or leave a comment here) and we can discuss details.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Karen said...

I love seeing how you went from the beautiful inspiration to the final gorgeous result. xo

~amy~ said...

simply beautiful!

Anthea said...

Hmmmm, for some reason I am quite fond of both the shower curtain and the wreath .... Thanks Cathy, you are simply the best!

Cathy Pascual said...

Thanks Karen and Amy! I so glad you stopped by!

Anthea - you know you are one of my bestest customers ;) Glad you like it!

RiNNE said...

So gorgeous, Cathy!!!!

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