10 February 2013

Make Me Over

You might have noticed that the blog has changed a bit.
And it all started with this little "favicon".
If you don't already know, a favicon is the little icon that appears next to the name of a website on browser URL bar or bookmarks tab. Etsy has an orange square with E. Hulu has a green square with an h. Ruche has and "R". And so on.

This tiny graphic is only 16 pixels by 16 pixels so you need a graphic that easily recognizable on such a small scale. For mine, I chose a thought bubble with simple heart inside, reminiscent of some of my embroidery hoop art. I love it! It's simple and sweet.

One of my embroidery hoop arts.
After seeing the little guy up on the tab, there was no turning back. I decide to make matching icons for my navigation bar, hopefully making it easier to find stuff on my blog.

I created these icons for my navigation bar using Photoshop.

Then, I changed the fonts on my blog titles and post body. I've been wanting to do that forever and finally found an easy way to do it.

Finally, I cleaned up my sidebars and re-designed my sidebar buttons. I hope you like the changes so far!

Screenshot of the blog before the mini-makeover

Blog Resources For You

By the way, I am learning about blog design, HTML and CSS as I go. There are some awesome resources out there for Blogger, which is the platform I use.

Here are a few that I found helpful:

Daily Blog Tips: How to create a favicon
Pugly Pixel: Overall blog design and inspiration
Of Stranger Sensibilities: Installing Google Web Fonts on Blogger
Her New Leaf: Primp My Blog Series

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megan said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new changes !! I'm especially crazy about the font you used for the title on your sidebar buttons. What is it called? <3

Keep it up! :)

Cathy Pascual said...

Thanks so so so so much Megan!
I am grateful to you for cheering me on :)

The font is one of my faves - It's called Sofia from FontSquirrel.

Bev Feldman said...

I love the changes you made, Cathy! It looks great :-)

Anonymous said...

Very cute, Cathy, I LOVE your favicon (and the whole design of your website, actually)! I still have to figure out what favicon I'd like to use...waiting for something to speak to me, I guess :)

Cathy Pascual said...

Thanks Bev! I appreciate it!

Thanks Desiree! Can't wait to see what you choose.

:) Cathy

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