29 March 2013

My Lovely Stash

I have a confession to make. I am a hoarder.

As a scrapbooker and now a craftypreneur, I have accumulated a lot of stuff in my lifetime:
Paper (so much paper), tools, finished projects, in-progress projects, supplies for projects I will probably never start.

I've tried to clean up my studio many times, but it never quite works because I can't get rid of the Stuff. Can you relate?

So instead of trying to purge everything, I thought I would try something new.

I will take a photo, showing off my supplies in a  pretty way. Because isn't that why I hold on to them? Because they are pretty, too cute to throw out or chuck. They have potential to turn into to something even cuter (or at least they do if I had the time/energy/fill in the blank).

I hope to share photos of My Lovely Stash on my blog on a regular basis. Hopefully, I can find (and share) some inspiration, clean up my room a bit, practice my photography and finally put some of these goodies to good use!

Mini cupcake liners, star buttons, scrapbooking paper, kraft paper, paper punch.

I thought I'd start small. These are some star buttons I picked up at Joann's. Little bits of pretty. I was sorting through a box of miscellaneous Stuff and found these buttons along with these cupcake liners and this pack of scrapbook papers. I wrote the caption on a kraft paper punched with my favorite paper punch.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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Emily Schreur said...

Great idea, Cathy! I, too, have quite the stash. I ended up donating part of it to an arts and crafts group for chronically, mentally ill. Made me feel good to know that someone was using it! However, I still have quite a big chunk of stuff that I do gaze at from time to time.

Cathy Pascual said...

Thanks Emily!Glad I'm not alone :)

I have donated some stuff to my daughter's preschool in the past, but just can't seem to get rid of all of it!

megan said...

These are so cute! You're totally not alone. I keep all sorts of odds and ends for exactly the same reason!

Cathy Pascual said...

Hi Megan! Thanks so much!

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