22 July 2013

Latest Makes (Summer Edition)

Summer is in full swing!

In between quick trips to the beach, park and farmers market or hanging out in my backyard, I've been very busy in my studio. With my youngest going to day camp for the first time, I was suddenly blessed with big chunks of time during the day. So, I've been pretty productive - filling orders and working behind the scenes to promote my little handmade business.


Would you like to see a peek at what I've been working on?

Here are a few things I've made in the past few weeks which will find their way to the shop really soon. If you see something you want, let me know!

1. "Yay" banner hoop. This 4-inch hoop can be customized with any short message or name! Oh the possibilities!
2. Rainbow bouquet baby name sign. A custom hoop with a rainbow of flowers and the name of baby and birthdate hand-embroidered. What a great baby gift!
3. "Ditto" hoop. I made this one for my hubby on Valentine's Day, but I made a second for the retail shop, So There, which recently started carrying some of my items :)
4. Felt flower pin. A felt flower with a pin sewn on the back. This felt bloom is now easy to attach to a card, a shirt, purse or a fabric headband.
5. Flower cards. This bud's for you! These could be customized with any message - for party favors, gift tags or just because gifts.

Thanks for stopping by today!

p.s I'm trying to reach 500 likes on my Facebook Page by September. Totally do-able, right? I'll be having a giveaway when I reach 500, so I hope you will visit Catshy Crafts' Facebook page and LIKE it if you like what you see :) And if you really want to help, please share my page on your Facebook page, blog, Twitter, Instagram or social medium of your choice. Thanks so much!
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