26 August 2011

limited edition: my art show flyers

I am relying on e-mail and facebook to get the word out about my artist's reception at Cupcake Royale (which is coming up fast!) But I decided (yes, last minute) that I should create a flyer/postcard. At the very least as a memento of the show itself. At first, I was going to use a scan of a "poster" that I made for the show. The poster is 12" x 12" piece of kraft-colored cardstock hand-stitched, spelling out the name of the show and has a few of my "wallflowers" adorning it. But it wasn't working for me when it came time to put the flyer together. So I fell back to that "purple rain" felt piece that I posted a few weeks ago. So even though I said it wasn't the official flyer....it is now.

Here's a peek of the flyers will look like.

I printed them at home on my Epson R1800 and Red River paper (double-sided matte 60 lb). I only had two sheets of this paper. The rest of the flyers will be printed on Epson matte photo paper (not intended to be printed on both sides), but it will have to do. I love how it looks on the Red River paper. My printer was giving me lots of problems lately, but after cleaning the ink heads, replacing the gloss optimizer ink cartridge, remembering to turn off the printer when not in use (the ink head were contantly getting clogged from leaving the printer on!) and finally using this new-to-me brand of printer paper, I think I love my printer again!

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