28 September 2011

it's coming down

My art show: The Pretty Craft Show : is coming down Friday night. (So, if you've been meaning to stop by, you still have a couple days :) It's been a great run. Thanks everyone for stopping by!

Everything that hasn't been sold will be going into my Etsy shop soon. I'll post again when they're up!

In other Catshy news..... I've been commissioned to re-create some of the items on display at the show for a child's room: two personalized felt banners (with the boys' names) and a set of 25 paper accordion flowers. My client picked out the patterned papers in a color palette of soft blues, browns, greys and a touch of pink. It was fun to collaborate in this way: I brought over some patterned papers in various colors and styles and she picked the ones that spoke to her. She chose colors that normally I wouldn't gravitate towards (I'm a girly girl, I guess) but they look great together!

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