28 October 2011

broken wreath and cool fonts

So, styrofoam is not as indestructible as I once thought! I found out the hard way.

When Jamie left the house this morning (to be a Special Guest Reader for our daughter Sofia's class), he found my precious wreath in pieces! Broken in three spots, the wreath apparently had fallen down for the last time. The nail hammered in the front door (usually used for our Christmas wreath) was not long enough to accomodate the width of my fall wreath and would sometimes fall down when I shut the door. It wasn't every time, so I resolved to shut the door gently when I remembered (instead of coming up with a better solution).

No amount of hot glue could put the wreath together. Boo hoo! So I am re-wrapping another foam wreath with yarn and then can hopefully remove the felt flowers from the broken wreath and transplant to the new. Anyway. Lesson learned.

On a happier note, I discovered a "font foundry" (from How About Orange) that offers some cool fonts at a price of your choosing! I picked up Ribbon and Ranger today.

1. Ranger 2. Ribbon

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