17 November 2011

all is quiet

All is quiet in my house.
A rare moment when the kids are asleep. Jamie is asleep. No traffic noise. No birds. Just the rushing of air from the heating vent and the slight hum of the computer.

I woke up an hour shy of the alarm clock and rather than lie in bed staring at the ceiling, I decided to get up and steal an hour for myself.

No distractions. Except of my own making. Checking my activity on etsy (someone favorited my shop!) Responding to a blog comment. (I always appreciate them.) Checking stats. (I'm a little obsessed.)

What I really would like to do is enjoy this peace. Jamie has taken up meditating every day and I envy him. That he can quiet his mind like that. Sit still and just be. In the warmers months. In the months when sunshine was not such a rarity, I would garden. Gardening was my zen.

On a cold (but sunny!) day, Jamie meditates in our backyard.

I have to come up with a new zen.

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