18 November 2011

dressing up for the holidays

It's official. Holiday season is upon us.

All the leaves fell off our maple.

Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away.

Sofia's birthday is right on its heels.

I'm getting inundated by holiday catalogues (online and snail mail).

So I thought I needed to dress up this blog a bit with a new banner.

I was running a test print for some cupcake toppers I'm making for Sofia's 7th birthday party. It will be at the same cupcake shop where I had my art show. And I added some bits of text on the bottom to use for tags and labels on my Etsy items. You can always find uses for those extra bit of space, can't you?

My printer paper got caught in the printer, so I ended up with the smeared bits and "stamped" look. Pretty cool. Love a happy accident. So I thought to myself, why not photograph it? Then I added a paper flower ornament I made today - to make it more festive. Add a little photo action and I have a new banner for the holidays.

Thanks for visiting!

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