21 November 2011

a special thank you

As a long-time Etsy buyer, I have always appreciated when the artist included a little special something something in my order. Not only the beautiful item I have hand-picked. But a few extras to give a taste of what the artist has to offer. A business card. A hand-written thank you note is a nice touch. The whole experience of opening the package is like receiving a gift in itself. Not just another item you ordered online.

"baby cake"

As a brand-spanking-new Etsy seller, I knew I wanted to provide the customer with a little surprise as well (hopefully she is not reading this before she opens her package! If she is here's a preview ;) So, as a special thank-you to the customer who bought my baby cake hoop art, I threw together a little goody bag. An accordion-folded flower, some business cards, a few vintage buttons from my stash, and two scalloped circle gift tags with baker's twine. I hope she likes it!

p.s. This was the first Etsy order that I ever shipped! My very first customer/order was someone local (and a friend), so I am hand-delivering this to her. But of course, I will include a similiar bag of goodies for her! In fact, with every order until the holidays, I will be including these extras. How fun is that? Each bag will be unique and vary based on my stash.
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As always, thank you for stopping by!

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RiNNE said...

I always loved the little extras too! It shows that the seller took the extra time to make sure that your buying experience was wonderful! Great customer service, Cathy! Love the cute little things!!

scrapcat said...

Thanks Rinne! I appreciate it :)

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