09 January 2012

busy bee

There's just something about felt that I love!

It's been a busy week. Packing orders and making custom orders. I personalized these felt party favor flowers with a "Happy Valentine's Day" message on the kraft backing. I re-listed the set of 10 in my shop, in case you want to order some in time for Valentine's Day!

Another things keeping me busy? Well, I got my newsletter written and mailed out. I had more than 20 new items to share including these lovely new heartfelt hoops.

Hand-embroidered Felt Heart Pocket Filled with 10 Conversation Hearts for Valentine's Day by Catshy Crafts
This first one has a secret pocket for tucking a love note inside. Or fill it with the 10 conversation kraft-cardstock hearts that comes included.

You can also buy the conversation hearts as a set of 25.

This pocket heart is embroidered with "LOVE" and a bit bigger than the first one. It's Sofia's favorite one so I'll be giving it to her for Valentine's Day!

Hand-embroidered Felt Heart Pocket Filled with 15 Conversation Hearts for Valentine's Day by Catshy Crafts

For the third one, I used a 100% linen for the background that I got at the craft store. I love the texture of the linen as well as the neutral color with the creamy white felt and red embroidery thread.

Hand-embroidered felt heart. Love Heartfelt Hoop Art, Valentine's Day gift by Catshy Crafts

This next one is dear to my heart: I Love You Infinity is what my daughter says to me.

Hand-embroidred Felt Heart, I Love You Infinity, Heartfelt Hoop Art by Catshy Crafts

And last but not least, I listed a new set of vintage buttons.

Vintage Buttons, Black, Handpicked by Catshy Crafts

Thanks for taking a peek at my newest items!

p.s. I forgot one more!

Hand-embroidered heart on Teal Background, Wall Hanging by Catshy Crafts

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Hannah Danforth said...

Cathy, these are lovely! Perfect for Valentine's Day. You really have been busy and it shows. Everything is coming together so perfectly. This is wonderful!

Cathy Pascual said...

Thanks Hannah! It's been so much fun! And to think it all started with the little show at CR!

RiNNE said...

So many amazing creations here! I'm going to have to link as I spy my name/ order :). I really must order one of your hoops in the future! And I forgot to add-- such a lovely lay-out of your Zara on the other post!

Cathy Pascual said...

Hi Corinne!
Thanks so much :)

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