13 January 2012

putting it all together

One of the unexpected perks (and joys) of having my own Etsy shop is designing the packaging for the items. There's something about adding a hang tag to an item that makes it look professional and just so darn cute! Luckily, I am a reformed scrapbooker (i.e. I am a former obsessed scrapbooker who used to scrapbook Every Day).

One of my (paper) scrapbook pages.

So I have the benefit of having lots of papercrafting supplies on hand. And know my way around a scrapbooking store!

My business card and two free gifties I put in every order: an accordion flower with little tag and a sample felt flower on a kraft backing. (The exact flowers vary for each order. It depends on what I made recently).

I designed and created my business cards, the little labels I put on my paper flowers and the backing/packaging for my vintage buttons and hand-made felt flowers. Kraft cardstock is my favorite material to use for all of these things. And a paper punch is my favorite tool. Add in the (very basic) Photoshop skills I picked up when I became an obsessed digital scrapbooker who used to digi-scrap (i.e. use Photoshop to make digital scrapbook pages) Every Day......and I am golden.
when two worlds collide: digi-scrapping about crafting
One of the latest bit of packaging or branding that I created was the little ticket-shaped hang tag for my heartfelt hoop art. Yes, my embroidery hoops now have an official name. I got the idea for "heartfelt" from this blog post about Catshy Crafts on the Paperstitch Blog. The name just clicked with me and totally described my work. I especially love the double meaning as many of items feature hearts and most are made of felt!

I am also toying with the idea of adding a small label on the back of here hoop as well.

My new ticket-shaped tag will be on all the embroidery hoop art I make from now on.

One of my free gifties all packaged up with a 25% coupon stapled to the top, a chunky fuchsia yarn and larger catshy tag. Every order gets a variation of this with their purchased item.

I am hoping to put more paper goods in the shop very soon. Right now I have two all-paper items: my conversation hearts and my accordion flower garland. I keep meaning to put the accordion flowers up, but I keep giving them away in my free giftie!

conversation hearts printed on kraft cardstock

So, I hoped you enjoyed seeing a bit of behind the scenes at Catshy Crafts! I have some new items about to go in the shop this weekend. It's a new color scheme for me: yellow and grey. So stay tuned! Or you can see a sneak peek of them on my Facebook Fan Page right now ;) 
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RiNNE said...

Ummm, I totally love and appreciate the small touches you add! They truly make a difference!! I remember ordering some photos from Tina Azmus and how I didn't even want to rip open the packaging! Scrapbookers really do make the beat crafts!! :)

Cathy Pascual said...

Thanks Corrine! I'm a Tina Azmus fan too - I bet her packaging is gorgeous!

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