09 February 2012

thrifty thursdays

It's been a while since I did a thrifty thursdays post! In fact, this may be my second one, ever. Not for lack of thrifting. I visit a local thrift store at a nearby church fairly regularly, but don't get around to photographing my finds. (I'd love to do a post featuring my favorite finds and how I've used them in my home. So stay tuned!)  This thrift store is close enough to walk to, so that what's I did on Tuesday with my daughter. I spotted a beautifully carved (but heavy)  mirror hiding behind some poster art, but didn't take it home because I only had Zara's stroller for transportation. That day, all we got were two bottles of bubbles for 40 cents. (Plus these adorable photos)

When I came back today the mirror was already gone - along with a desk that had also tempted me. Oh well.

But I did pick up a few things today.

Some things just call out to you and these definitely caught my eye. The first is that beautiful carved tray. Love that the handles are carved from the same piece of wood as the tray. The tray was a bit scratched up but I think it gives it character. Plus, I plan to use it for storing scrapbooking and crafting supplies (not serving food) so I don't mind the worn look.

Next up is that gorgeous 1953 postal scale. Not only will it be functional for mailing out my Etsy orders, I love the colors, and the numbers on the face. If you look closely, on the bottom right hand corner it says: Rates effective October 1, 1953. Neat find for $4. (p.s. I just did a search for "vintage postal scale" on Etsy and my little find is definitely among the cuter scales out there! The teal color and the round platform set it apart from the rest.)

My next find was in the crafts section. This spool of raffia was marked as $3, but it was a blue tag, which happened to be 50% off today. I had seen this item before but wasn't going to pay $3 for it. At $1.50, it is a good deal.

And finally, I found this shiny red ceramic heart box in the Valentine's Day section. I love the patina and the raised design. It definitely stood apart from the other Valentine's Day items of cheap tins and plastic. This one was a keeper at $3.

Not pictured: I also picked up a cute red tin tray with a heart pattern for .50. I plan to bring it to my daughter's Valentine's Day class party. I'm in charge of the crafts station. Thought it would be neat to place my supplies on top for the party.

So those were my thrifty finds today. Thanks for visiting!
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ClaireTet said...

Wow! I don't think there are many thrift shops at all here. You came home with a great haul!

Danielle Higginbottom-Brown said...

Fabulous finds!!!!

Cassi said...

delightful finds!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Such great finds!
love that tray and postal scale :)

Kelly in Canada said...

i am coveting that scale.

Elise<3 said...

oh wow! such lovely finds! I never have great luck with thrifting! Maybe if I did it more often I would ;)

Cathy Pascual said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by from SC :)

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