29 May 2012

Memorial Day Weekend (Part 2)

And I have even more photos of Memorial Day weekend to share today....

On Sunday, the temperatures dropped and the sun was nowhere to be found (until the afternoon). So we all vegged at home. Until I took a little break from the vegging....

Since Jamie took a little break himself the previous day meeting a friend in Seattle, I was able to take my turn at "me time". Of course, I went thrifting/shopping. At Goodwill. I picked up a few goodies which I'll share in another post.

Next stop was Fred Meyers. I have never been to Fred Meyers in my life (having grown up on the East Coast) and I was really impressed by the amount of STUFF they have! From groceries to furniture to toys to scrapbook supplies to everything. The reason why I was stopping by that day was to pick up some perennials for my front yard. They were having a 2 for $5 sale on "Stepables" - these plants that liked to be kept compact by yes...stepping on them. I chose a thyme plant with purple flowers and a red-leafed clover.

Last but not least, I went to TJ Maxx to use a gift card I've had tucked away. I picked up pillow for the living room, a rug, a cute striped blue tank and a pair of goggles for Zara. Now for the photos!

Here we are compacting the soil around the "stepable" red-clover plant. We didn't actually step on the plant...yet.

We planted the thyme in front of my poppies that I planted from seeds last spring. I'm hoping the thyme will spread to fill in the space between the boulders we have in the front yard because grass easily spreads here despite the mulch.
Pink poppy

1. Sofia poses with poppies. 2. Sofia took this photo! Love it. 3. Pretty girl 4. Love the texture of the poppy stems

And of course, one my favorite spots to take photos especially at the end of the day with the setting sun shining on their faces.
Sofia had a message for me. Can you figure out what she said?

And on Monday, we actually left the house (haha). Through a roundabout way, I discovered this restaurant, Katsu Burger. I'm a Facebook fan of Mashiko even though I've never been to this "fully sustainable" sushi joint (but it's on my wish list). On a status update, it said that Mashiko would be closed on Memorial Day, but not to worry, Katsu Burger was.  (Both restaurants are owned by the same person.) That's when I started reading reviews for this burger joint that serves panko-crusted burgers (as well panko-crusted chicken, pork and tofu burgers). Jamie loves a good burger. He is also a fan of katsu so I had a feeling he would love to go too. Also, I am a big fan of Asian-fusion food. Think Marination Mobile or Tokyo Dog.

So that was our plan. To go here for lunch. It was a good plan.

The restaurant is in Georgetown - really in the middle of nowhere. Very industrial.  Check out the phone booth!

This is the Samurai Select. I substituted chicken for beef, because I really couldn't wrap my head around a burger breaded in panko! I did take a bite of Jamie's burger. He got the original Samurai. I liked mine better ;)
The chicken was tender. The veggies were crisp and fresh. The mayo was mayo (I love mayo on anything!). There were pickles and pineapple and bacon! I could have done without the bacon because I didn't much taste it. But overall probably one of the best "Burgers" I've ever had! Yum!

We all shared an order of Nori fries (fries sprinkled with seaweed flakes).
The fries were tasty. Not a hit with Sofia - which surprised me because she loves fries and she loves nori. I guess not just together.

Her expression notwithstanding, both girls loved the bansai bites - bite-sized panko-crusted chicken.
Totally off topic, but the light in the restaurant was beautiful. Really bright and pure. We were seated right next to the big picture windows in the corner of the restaurant.
Not pictured: We also shared (Jamie had a Coke) a pineapple and green tea milk shake. It was soooooo good!

When we arrived around 1-ish, there were only 4 college guys (really tall college guys) there, just ordering their burgers. But once we sat down to wait for our orders, it got busy real fast. A line was forming. It's a pretty tiny place so seating is limited, but the patrons don't seem to linger once they're done. This was very reassuring. I mean, it's not exactly in the touristy section of town, so people have to go out of their way to find this place. So it must be good.

So, overall? One of the best eats I've had in Seattle since moving to the area in 2009. Will definitely be back.....when we have special occasion to celebrate. But not any time soon. It really was a BIG, indulgent, 2000+ calorie, but happy-making meal!

And so that was our Memorial Day weekend. Hope yours was wonderful too!

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Holly Knitlightly said...

That's so strange that the plants LIKE to be stepped on! Haha crazy!

That burger looks delicious. I can't really imagine a MEAT burger being breaded, either. haha.

Your girls are SO incredibly adorable!!!

Looks like a fabulous weekend. :)

RiNNE said...

wow, your girls are getting so big!! love zara's outfit! it looks vintage :). that sandwich looks good! i thought chicken fried steak was chicken so i'm imagining that as the other sandwich?

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