30 June 2012

hey girl

Hey Girl.

Are you a fan of those Ryan Gosling memes? They seem to be everywhere!

Usually it's a cute, but out-of-context, photo of Ryan with an ironic quote on top.

Something a guy would NEVER say.

They have some on just about any topic - from feminist quotes to library science.

Here are few crafty and Etsy related ones that cracked me up.

And maybe my favorite one.....

Well, I made a hoop inspired by these Ryan Gosling memes! I hand-cute "Hey" in aqua wool-blend felt and hand-stitched onto a white speech bubble. "Girl" is hand-embroidered in fuchsia embroidery thread. The light grey background is eco-friendly felt (more easily stretched into the faux bois flex hoop).

Sofia was nice enough (okay, I paid her a couple dollars) to model my new hoop for my product shots.

{Click here to buy this hoop.}

Thanks for stopping by today!

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megan said...

Omg, SO. CUTE. I am in love with this idea. Like, legitamately. :)

Cathy Pascual said...

Thanks Megan!

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