20 September 2012

New in the Shop: Personalized Banner Wreath (Zara's Birthday Wreath)

Happy Birthday Zara

Way back in June, I created this yarn-wrapped wreath for my daughter, Zara's third birthday party decor. I knew it would be purple (she helped me pick out the yarn at Joann's). For the flower embellishments I knew I wanted pink. But not a bubblegum pink. Or a ballet pink. I settled on this marvelous mauve and added a touch of soft grey for a sophisticated feel.

To make it even more personalized for the birthday girl, I wanted to add her name on a banner. At first I was going to use felt for the flags or maybe even paper, but I happened to be going through my scrapbooking supplies and found these mini canvas triangle pennant flags. They have these silver-tone eyelets for easy threading and are a breeze to embroider each letter of her name.

Mix it Up!

I love the mixture of textures: the cozy yarn, and felt next to the rougher texture and frayed textured of the canvas flags.  Add some purple baker's twine and vintage style buttons and I'm in heaven!

For the flower embellishments, I changed it up from my other wreaths. I used one of each color in a loopy flower, scalloped rose, straight-edge rose and pinked-edge rose. The leaves are also a bit different. I notched the leaves. A subtle difference, but there it is.

Birthday Decor

And this is how I displayed the wreath - along with a felt banner (that usually hangs in my scraproom), a yarn-wrapped letter Z (that I made for her birthday last year), the month-to-month photo collage (a photo from every month in her life), her felt birthday crown (also from last year), a yarn wrapped embroidery hoop/wreath with a felt bow (coming to the shop soon!), a Z pendant (from her grandparents) and a few birthday cards (her older sister (who is my model for the wreath) made the large one!)

Order Your Own Personalized Wreath!

You can order your own yarn-wrapped wreath with the word of your choice (2-4 letters) embroidered on the canvas banner. It could be a name or a word like "home" or "love" or "joy".

You can follow my lead, and  use it for your special birthday girl's party decor. After the party's over, hang in it on her bedroom door or wall as a name plaque.

If you choose a non-name word (like love or home), you can hang your custom-made wreath on your front door or on a wall inside your home. Your home will be a little bit cozier with this hand-crafted wreath! It also makes a wonderful housewarming gift, birthday present or thank you gift.

I hope you enjoyed this look at my latest wreath. Thanks for stopping by today!

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Samantha said...

Holy all things purple this is flipping cute!

Cathy Pascual said...

Thanks so much Samantha!

Mark Scott said...

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