28 September 2012

Zara's First Hair Cut

Zara took a pair of scissors to her hair several months ago (one of the perils of living in a crafty household is having a dozen pair of scissors in the house and kids who know how to use them!). She has been growing out the uneven layers slowly but surely. I have given her a trim here and there, but this was her first hair cut at a little kids salon. 

She had seen her big sis get a haircut (and the great fun she had  - playing with a treasure box of little toys, watching tv, getting free barrettes and a super-cute braided hairstyle. So, a few days later I brought Zara back for her own haircut.

Sofia's heart-shaped braid and glitter hairspray, oh my! This was only Sofia's SECOND haircut in her life.
We shared a frozen hot chocolate from Grendelsweets (highly recommended!) before her appointment. This pic shows her uneven layers.

mid-cut: she is kept happy with a box of small toys on her lap and a kids movie playing overhead.

And her before and after
There were no tears, no anxiety about the haircut. (And did I mention the big purple balloon she got?) She can't wait to go back! 

And to commemorate the occasion, how about a digital scrapbook page?! I used Sahlin Studio's Retro Mod Digital Kit. (I LOVE that yellow embroidery hoop included in the kit!)
Zara's First Haircut | Retro Mod Digital Kit by Sahlin Studio

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Claire T said...

So cute! My daughter has only had one hair cut but a second is in her future. She loves having her hair cut fortunately!

Cathy Pascual said...

Thanks Claire!

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