30 January 2013

Crafty Swap: Be Happy! + One Happy Mama

A crafty swap with One Happy Mama

I love crafty swaps. The anticipation. The creating. The happiness-inducing package that lands on your front doorstep. I'm going to share with you my latest craft swap. It was so much fun!

I made this darling 5 inch hoop for my friend, Kristina of One Happy Mama and Baby Bird and Bub Bub. I was happily surprised when she won the huge holiday giveaway at A Lovely Lark a few months ago. One of the prizes was a custom hoop by yours truly. She told me she liked this personalized name hoop art, but wanted to change the colors (happy and bright) and of course change the words (be happy).

You see that Zara didn't want to let this one go. You could say I took more than enough photos of her and this adorable hoop before I sent it off to Kristina.

Words to live by. I think Zara subscribes to this philosophy.

But this wasn't the only hoop I was sending Kristina. Several months before, we had agreed to do a swap. Kristina has an amazing print shop on Etsy. She was kind enough to custom design my very own print with my favorite motifs: embroidery hoop and thought bubbles! I love it. And the cute postcard and moo card are adorable!

Goodies I received from my swap partner Kristina

For her, I made a custom hoop, with the name of her blog. I love her color choices! As you can tell, she loves happy colors.

And because I love how the hoops turned out, I just put the "be happy" hoop in my shop! You can also customize it with your own colors and sayings as well. Go here to check it out in my shop.

Have you participated in a crafty shop lately? How did it go?

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