06 March 2013

Color Me Happy!

A few months ago, one of my lovely customers wanted purples, light pinks and a touch of aqua on a wreath triple-wrapped in a light grey yarn. After gathering the materials together, I snapped a photo before assembling the wreath and sent to the customer for final approval. What surprised me is that after making the wreath, I kept grabbing these gorgeous, happy colors when I was inspired to create something new. 

Wreath in progress

This made me realize something about myself.

I want to make as many things as I can in the same fabulous colors. 

Introducing Pretty in Pastel

As result of this first creative free-for-all, I made these little pretties all in colors of ballet pink, pale aqua, shades of lavendar and purple and a soft dove gray. I call this color collection Pretty in Pastel.

1. Three row of bunting with vintage-style button accents. 2. Shades of Purple felt flower set. 3. Pretty in Pastel flower set. 4. Custom wreath that inspired it all.

Aren't they happy-making colors? Full of the promise of spring and good times? Just imagine having one these beauties in your home to get ready for Easter or Passover or springtime. A great way to say farewell to winter!

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These lovely items are in the shop now! Please click on each item to read more about each item.

Let's Celebrate!

To celebrate the new collection, I have a special offer for you! Here is a 15% coupon code just for you! Enter it at check-out to receive the discount.

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Bev Feldman said...

Beautiful! I love the color scheme (and it doesn't hurt that my favorite color is purple).

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