09 March 2013

our kauai holiday (part 2)

(Or How I Spent the Morning of My 40th Birthday)

I had a few stolen minutes to myself on the morning of my 40th birthday.  The beach was pretty much my own as I strolled the sand on that windy morning. I took dozens of photos, trying to capture that beautiful soul-stirring light. I found a perfect shell - unbroken. One that you might expect to find in a shell store, like the one we went to the day before. I wet my feet in the ocean waves - unintentionally. I was too slow when a the water rushed onto the sand. I breathed in the salty air, filling up on the peacefulness of the moment. On the way back to the hotel, I saw one of the many chickens wandering the hotel grounds. Usually they scamper when I approach, but this one did not move.....Until I got even closer. Then she "stood up" and 7 baby chicks were revealed.

What a beautiful way to start my day!

(What I Ate On My 40th)
Birthday Breakfast and Lunch at Java Kai; Birthday Dinner at Eastside.

Why I take so many shots. A single frame can make all the difference! (I actually like both shots ;)

Wouldn't it be great if I could go to Hawaii on every birthday? (A girl can dream.....)

(To read more about my Kauai trip, go here.)

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Bev Feldman said...

Happy belated birthday!

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