04 April 2013

New! Monogram Pink Ombre Felt Hot Air Balloon Hoop Art

I love when I get custom orders. I love when a customer knows what she wants! At my first-ever craft show, I met a new customer who not only bought one of hoop art, but came back with a friend to buy even more! Plus, she contacted after the show to create a custom-made, personalized hoop art. After several convos back and forth, we finally created something that we were both happy with. It was my first hot air balloon hoop art!

Custom hoop in progress that inspired the new design!

And so it was from this design, that I created this brand-new design!

As you can see there are some differences: Aside from the felt colors, the hoop is a different shape, size and material. I used a monogram instead of embroidering the name and I have 3 clouds instead of one. But, at its heart, it is the same sweet design: a whimsical hot air balloon with 3 layers of scalloped felt floating in the sky.

If you like what you see, please head over to the shop for more details.
Or if you have any questions about the hoop, please leave me a comment and I'll get back to you right away!

Two Ways to Save

And because I love this little hoop art so much, I want to give you two special ways to save!

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As always, newsletter subscribers get a 10% Coupon Code when they subscribe. You can use the code for your first purchase, including this new monogrammed hot air balloon hoop art!

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