13 August 2011

a happy jolt: pretty craft show

Getting ready for my show has been such a happy jolt to many aspects of my life. Not just all the creative juices that have been flowing for the past month and half.  Not just the time and energy I happily spent making the pieces for the show. Not all the day-dreaming and planning of my Etsy shop: picking out a shop name, designing business cards and show posters, creating a new blog, photographing my work. Not all the late nights with a glue gun/embroidery needle/paper trimmer/scissors  in hand and paper and felt scattered about the living room floor. Not all the late nights collaborating with my fabulously creative friend, Hannah (aka curator/supporter/advisor/over-all cheerleader and hand-holder).

I realized the cloud was a perfect place to add text for a little flyer (to send to family + friends as a save the date). This is not the official flyer though (coming soon). I created another piece especially for that. It will be on display at the shop as well.

But it has changed the way I look at myself; and I think how my daughters look at me. Am I really going to have an art show? (yes, it already up!) Am I really going to have an artist's reception where I will show people my work? (yes, I just sent out a save the date to my family and friends!) Am I really putting myself out there? (yes!)  If you know me at all, you know I am on the quiet side. On the shy side (part of the reason why my shop is called catshy!) So all this, all this stuff I've been doing is quite out of character for me. Not the creating part, but the showing part. The telling part. The striking-out-on-my-own part. The opening-a-shop part.  Yes, it definitely is a jolt to my sensibility. But I welcome it with open arms. (I really do!)
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