20 October 2011

first items in the etsy shop!

I have been slowly learning the ropes of opening an Etsy shop. Such as creating a banner for the shop.

my banner features my business card and few items coming to the shop: flower garland, felted garland, felt party favors.

How to list an item. Taking photos of my items to put them in the best light. Writing descriptions of each item. How to promote your shop. And everything in between. Wow! It's a big undertaking. Even though I have several pieces created, I still need to photograph them and list them individually. To tell you the truth, I was a little nervous about putting them up. But I have finally bit the bullet and listed my first two items.

paper flower mini garland

hand-stitched felt heart embroidery hoop art

I'll be adding more pieces every few days (and I'll post here to update). I am also intending to have some custom, made-to-order pieces that can be personalized with a name. But I want to get all the pieces that are ready to ship listed first.

Thanks for taking a peek!

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