06 October 2011

first sale : wallflowers

Like your first love, you always remember your first sale, right? Well, these little flowers were my first sale for Catshy Crafts. A friend who attended my artist's reception chose these little beauties to come home with her. Well, she actually had to wait a month until the show came down.

The flowers are hand-made by me using scrapbook paper, buttons and embroidery thread. They got a lot of compliments at the shop (or so I'm told by my friend Hannah who works there). Plus, it is the first (yay!)  (and only) thing that got purchased.  Well, that's not exactly true. A week later, I was commissioned to create an entirely NEW set of wallflowers using different papers for another person who attended the show. So I guess these are my lucky wallflowers. I'll be putting more in the shop. Definitely.

I delivered these particular blooms today with a card I made (with a freshly made flower on the front). She loved it! (too bad I forgot to snap a photo of it.) I can't wait to see how she displays them in her home. She might put a few in a frame and the rest in her daughter's room (who happens to be my daughter's BFF).
All the flowers piled in one of my garage sale finds (a crystal encrusted wire basket) which you might remember from this post.

The buttons are from my ever-growing stash of buttons: from clothes, vintage finds from thrift stores/g-sales and scrapbooking supplies.

This is how they looked at the craft show at Cupcake Royale.

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