05 January 2012

new items in the shop

I have lots to share with you today including 11 new heartfelt hoop art. A brand-new set of felt flowers. A new Etsy banner.

So let's dive in.

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been so inspired by the new colors of felt I've been hoarding buying. I've also been stocking up on wooden embroidery hoops. During one Michael's run, I cleaned out their entire stock of 4 inch hoops.

++++heartfelt hoop art++++

For some reason (ahem. I live in the Seattle area), I am obsessed with clouds and raindrops. I've made two of them with purple raindrops (one I gave away and one was purchased already); and one with multi-color raindrops (psst....it's still in the shop :).

Add two more to the list. Both are departures from my fat juicy raindrops. One is happy and one is a bit blue. When my daughter saw the first hoop heart, she said the rain looked more like drizzle......
blue drizzle
For the second one, I used pink hearts to stand in as my rain and used a variety of stitches to apply them to the felt.

it's raining hearts

My next two hoop arts were created to go along with "it's raining hearts" - using hearts and similiar colors as well as that lovely chunky bit of yarn that I tied to the clasp. Any one of them would make a cute Valentine's Day gift.

butterfly hearts
Each butterfly heart is stitched down with a couple of x stitches.

embroidered heart
This one is a nod to my daughter Sofia who absolutely LOVES purple. It's an unconventional valentine heart.

The next three are another "collection" that I created together using three colors of felt in common.

These colors are so bright and happy together, I had to make a cute bunting.

home is where the heart is (already sold, Sorry!)

This one uses aqua and red - classic Valentine's Day colors. This one sold right away! If you would like to request another one, please convo me and I'd be happy to oblige!

love me knot

This is my first tree hoop art. Again, loving the color combo. And to make it even more love-ly, I added a heart-shaped love knot in the tree trunk.

personalized embroidery hoop art + free monogrammed tag

You might this remember from this post. I made the hoop for a friend's son birthday party. The item in the shop will be made-to-order. Any name or word up to 8 letters can be embroidered onto the hoop. I'm excited about this one, because I don't have many boy-friendly items in the shop. As an extra bonus, I'm throwing in the monogrammed gift tag for free! Add it to your wrapped gift for that extra special something.

get this monogrammed felt gift tag free when you purchase the personalized embroidery hoop

little heart
And here's a palm-sized hoop art that could easily be used as a gift topper as well.
party bunting
My first double row of bunting. Can you tell I love buntings?

thinking of you (already sold, sorry!)

And last but not least, a thought bubble with a rainbow heart inside. This one sold earlier in the week, but just say the word and I'll make a new one!

++++heartfelt flowers++++

I just finished a brand-new set of flowers. This time in a pretty lilac purple. In this set I have a loopy flower with a gem flower center, a layered fringed with white button and two rolled roses. They were stitched with a coordinating light purple. These are ready to go in the shop later today (along with THREE more hoop arts).
Do you have a specific color you would like for these felt flowers? Please let me know! I'm thinking of doing antique white next (and another set of light grey).

++++new etsy shop banner++++

Now that the holidays are over, I thought I'd make a new shop banner! I included some of my newer hoop arts and one of my favorite models as well as my signature shot of my business cards. Hope you like it!

Click to see larger view :)
If you are still reading this, congrats for getting through that monster post! I hope you found something you liked.
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