25 July 2012

July Sponsor: Kayla Aimee

The month is almost over, but I haven't even shared with you my July sponsorship over at Kayla Aimee's website: Only Slightly Neurotic.

Her blog is full of hilarious anecdotes about her life as a new mom and not-so-newlywed, crafty tutorials and DIY home decor. Seriously, this girl is witty and sweet and super-talented. And I'm not just saying this from reading her blog. I actually met Kayla Aimee (or KA) in Nashville 4 or 5 years ago. Back then I  was a scrapbooking fool and was on several Creative Teams - one of them was ScrapinStyleTV.com - now sadly closed for business but it was fun team to be on. And I fought back a lot of social anxiety to travel across the country to spend several days with a bunch of ladies I never met in real life for a scrapbooking convention. Good times.

Anyway, that's a bit of back story. 

So, I hope you'll check out her website and see the kind words she said about my shop. You might even a find coupon code for Catshy Crafts there :)

It's a Small World

Coincidentally, two more friends (also former scrapbookers with Etsy shops) are also sponsors this month.

Little Boo & Pie is Martha's shop of fresh and vintage-y children's clothing and accessories. (I also met her in Tennessee!)

Baby Bird & Bub Bub is a delightful print shop run by my sweet friend, Kristina.

Clearly, Kayla Aimee's site is the place to be!

Thanks for stopping by today!

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