17 July 2012

Urban Craft Uprising Recap (part 2)

Are you ready to see more of my finds at Urban Craft Uprising last weekend? (Check out Part 1 here).

Let's dive in.

Mates + Rubbish

I was drawn to the next booth because of these quirky illustrated artwork. And their clothesline banner which I didn't get photo of (but I found one here).

I briefly spoke to Emily, the artist behind Mates + Rubbish - so very sweet! She said she had seen my shop before! Again I was flabbergasted that anyone knew of my shop. I gave her a business card and picked up one of her lovely postcards and couple of her Moo cards. Now, as look at the cute kitties with the balls of yarn, I am regretting not getting one of the kitten dolls!

Emily should illustrate her own children's books! Such cute characters she creates. And beside the point: Love the delicate floral print on the bag she put my purchase in.
Here are a few more of my faves from her etsy shop.

greeting card by mates + rubbish.

greeting card by mates + rubbish.

And in case you live in the Seattle area, Emily just announced on her blog that her cards are now being sold at Schmancy on 2nd Street.

BevoBirdie Originals

The next shop we visited was set up as a vintage shop (which what attracted me most) with several vintage sewing machines, letterpress drawers, red rotary telephone and other vintage finds, but her Etsy shop sells mostly hand-made bags. I must have lost this shop's business cards because I couldn't find it among my stash. So it took a bit of sleuthing on my part to match my photos with the shop.

Anyhoo, I picked up a deliciously fabulous vintage book, entitled Needlecraft. Published in 1946, it has lovely illustrations on sewing, including basic stitches and simple sewing projects. I fell in love at first sight with the charming illustrations on the end paper alone. And at a price tag of $5 I couldn't pass it up!

Gorgeous endpaper!

Taking a peek at her Etsy shop, I also found these adorable luggage tags.

This Charming Candy

Ever since the first time I went to UCU a few years ago, we have picked up a lollipop or two from This Charming Candy. Such unique flavors and I love the packaging. Sofia picked a bubble gum and she said it was so yummy!

Betsy &  Iya

This necklace was Sofia and my favorite piece from Betsy & Iya. There is a little note inside the envelope! So delicate and sweet.

Urban Craft Center

Next, we stopped at the Urban Craft Center booth. Urban Craft Center used to be this neat space in Santa Monica, California (wish it existed when I was living in LA!), but unfortunately it closed up shop. Now, the owners take the shop on the road.  

Sofia instantly became smitten with one of the craft books on display. It was $12, but she promised to use her allowance that she has saved up.

Foamy Wader

I loved the display at Foamy Wader. Along with traditional busts, she used embroidery hoops for displaying earrings and a pyramid of large spools for necklaces.

lilac blooms earring by foamywader


I couldn't resist the simple and modern yet designs of DottySpeck. I love how the necklaces were casually laid on wooden trays!  Chevron, cloud, organic shapes.

The single raindrop was one of my faves! And the chevron and of course the clouds!

A wishbone, rainbow, horseshow. Each are so well-made. If only, there was an embroidery hoop. I would've snatched that up in a heartbeat!

Mi Bazaar Latino

I could have browsed this next shop for a looong time. There were lots of little nooks and crannies to explore in this booth decorated with vintage cameras, catalogue drawers, wooden crates, baskets and white doilies. Loved the hip/granny vibe to this booth!

Vintage cameras galore were part of the eclectic charm of this booth.

Although the majority of the items for sale were jewelry and accessories, Sofia spied this red birdcage. At $5, I knew I had to get it for her.


So, I still have a lot more photos to share, but I think I'll end here for now. I hope you have enjoyed the photos and maybe even discovered a new shop or two! I'll have another installment in a few days. Thanks so much for stopping by today!
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