11 March 2013

Etsy Love: Goody Jar

I am not the only avid Etsy shopper in my family. My eight-year-old daughter has bought a handful of items (with her own allowance!) from wonderful Etsy sellers in the past year or two.

She immediately fell in love with these "sweeties" from the GoodyJar when I showed her a photo. (Yes, I am such an enabler!) She didn't have enough money saved up at the time, so she had to wait a few weeks.

via GoodyJar

Every few days, she would mention how much she wanted them and take a peek online to see them.

When we finally ordered them, the shop just so happened to be offering Free Shipping for the sweeties! So I guess it was a good idea to wait ;) I also wrote a short note to Robin of GoodyJar to tell her how much my daughter was loving her items and couldn't wait to receive them. She replied quickly, saying that she would include a special gift for Sofia!

A few short days later, we got a sweet package.

Sofia opens the sweetly packaged items as Zara watches on. Washi tape and hand-drawn word art? What's not to love?!

The extra-special free gift just for Sofia came in a polka-dot glassine envelope! So unique and that extra something that made Sofia extra happy ;)

Cuddling her sweeties. I think she likes them!

I'm so happy Sofia loves handmade crafts as much as I do. And even happier that she is more than willing to save her own allowance money to buy the items she falls in love with. (Sofia has her eye on this item next.)


Check out the GoodyJar shop here.
Or Robin's beautiful blog.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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La Alicia said...

how sweet! your post totally made me smile! ;)

Cathy Pascual said...

Thanks! I love sharing other Etsy shops I love :)
Take care!

Ashlee Chu said...

Great idea which will inevitably result in smiles!

P.S. You girls are precious.

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