29 April 2013

My Lovely Stash: Vintage Sewing Box

Definitely one of my all-time favorite thrifty finds is this vintage wooden accordion-style Singer sewing box. With drawers and a flip-up top and compartments for stowing needles and buttons and thread, this little box is not only functional but a great piece to put on display.

When I was photographing my space for my Etsy Featured Shop interview, I took dozens of photos with this in the background and foreground. It is a perfect prop to represent Catshy Crafts' sensibility.

I store my tags, faux pearls, buttons, business cards and various sewing notions in this beauty. I think it was pretty good find ($12) at my local Goodwill!

p.s. If you missed my post introducing this new photo series, My Lovely Stash, go here.
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